This year’s food and drink festival will be the most sustainable ever.

For example, unlike previous years there will be no large marquees for 2022.

This will cut carbon emissions because less transport and fewer mobile electrical generators will be needed.

We have also asked vendors and stallholders to reduce waste by cutting the number of plastic bags they use and we have introduced reusable cleaning clothes and concentrated cleaning fluid to further cut waste.

Vendors have been encouraged to replace plastic containers with ones made from recycled paper wherever possible. Paper straws will be used instead of plastic ones.

However, it’s not possible to avoid all waste. So this year we’re working with our vendors to make sure that we recycle more cardboard, glass and plastic, which will be collected for recycling every night.

We are proud that this year’s festival includes more vendors than ever before that offer vegan, organic, locally sourced, Fairtrade, farm fresh and handmade products.


Here’s a quick guide to what’s on offer.

Chip and Go – chips and toppings made using locally sourced ingredients

Farm to Shop – organic cheeses, pickles and chutneys

Franca’s Pizza – organic toppings, preservative-free dough and handmade sauce

Freshly Squeezed Fruits – handmade, freshly squeezed juices and cocktails

Great British Cheese Company – organic cheeses

Greenhalgh’s – organic and dietary breads from Bolton’s famous bakery

Grumpy Baker – cakes and breads made using organic and locally sourced ingredients

Justicia – wide range of Fairtrade products from Bolton’s long-established Fairtrade shop

Lemondale – fresh, homemade lemonade

Mayflower Apiaries – honey and beeswax products from 400 bee colonies in north Cheshire

MWL – handmade craft products, food and drinks from independent makers

Organic Foods – organic fudge, Turkish delight and treats

Picks Farm Organic Produce – organic fruit and veg, poultry and meats

Roselyn Wood Creations – hand crafted Fairtrade gifts and decorations

Tiny Takeaway – authentic hand mixed herbs and spices

Wiltshire Chilli Farm – award winning sauces and seasonings

Vegan Infinity – cakes, brownies and cheesecakes